Ep 18: What you’re actually feeling is Grief

We are living in a constantly changing world! Some people still have jobs, others don’t. Some people have to home school their children, others don’t have children. Some are struggling with the isolation of being at home, others are working on the front line and wish they could be at home more.

 No matter what your situation is during this pandemic it’s ok to feel a sense of loss. Some people are feeling guilty that their situation isn’t as bad as others so they shouldn’t be complaining. Your situation is unique to you and its ok to not be ok.

In today’s episode, I talk about feeling your feelings. When you name it, you feel it and it moves through you much quicker than if you were to resist it.

I am offering free 30 min consultations for anyone that is struggling with their feelings and how to manage them. Send me an email at info@insideouthealthwellness.com.au and send a DM on IG @insideouthealthwellness to book in a time. I would love to hear from you.

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