Ep 31: The real reason why change is so hard and what you must do!

Do you get tempted every Monday, or the 1st day of a new month or new year thinking it will be different this time? And then a few days or weeks go past and you end up returning to old habits. I have good news; it’s not you, its your brain! Even better news is that you can overcome this tendency to return to old habits.

In this episode I talk about confirmation bias, which is our natural tendency to seek information in line with currently held knowledge or a belief. What are the beliefs holding you back?

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I hope you enjoy this episode.

Ep 30: 3 things you must do to help get yourself out of a downward spiral of emotions

Are you feeling guilty for feeling negative emotions because your situation “isn’t that bad?” 

Our emotions are feelings and our way of knowing that something feels comfortable or uncomfortable for us.

If you find yourself judging why you are feeling and certain way then this episode is a must. 

I talk about how a downward spiral of emotions goes from boredom and irritation to guilt and feeling powerless.

In this episode I gave you 3 things to try when you feel like you are in a downward spiral.

Ep 29: Do you fear you will make the wrong decision?

Do you avoid making decisions because the thought of making the wrong decision is crippling?

“Successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly. Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change them quickly.” Napoleon Hill

Do you take a long time to make a decision because you are spending so long over analysing and overthinking?

All you can do is make the best decisions you can with the information you have available at the time. Tune into this episode where I talk about how being indecisive is protecting you from discomfort and how to overcome it!

Ep 28: How to Develop Self Trust

You are the kind of person who can trust yourself. You are the kind of person who follows through with your plans. How does it feel to say those statements out loud? If you’re like me you didn’t even realise that your self trust was being broken every time you missed an exercise session or you had in your calendar to complete something and you ignored it. 

Trusting yourself and your decisions is the key to success in life, because when you trust yourself you are listening to your unconscious, which is always protecting you.

Tune into this episode where I talk about the ways that helped me develop Self Trust.

Ep 27: What is your response to perceived threats?

What does your mind do when it perceives danger/threats Vs when there is an actual threat?

Did you know that you mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is perceived?

No matter the situation, whether you are interpreting something as a danger or there is actually one, your mind will still go into a Fight or Flight Response.

Our emotions and beliefs will determine how we respond to events and people, and whether we feel safe or threatened. 

Tune into this episode where I talk about situations where you might perceive a threat based on an internal insecurity. 

The following episodes are helpful in understanding some of the content I mention:

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– Episode 21 (our values and beliefs)

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Ep 26: Are you in a game of tug of war with your mind?

Do you ever feel like you are playing tug of war with our own mind? Constantly going back and forth on decisions, or worse, sitting on the fence? This is known as internal conflicts. 

If you are in two minds or sitting on the fence about what you want and not fully committing to either one, you will never fully achieve either one.

Listen to this episode to discover common signs of potential inner conflict and what to do about it.

Ep 25: Should you listen to other people’s advice?

In today’s episode we are talking all things advice! When should you give it and when should you ask for it? We are always so willing to give advice to other people but when do we really stop and listen to our own advice? I talk about some examples of when client’s actually achieved better results with typical health and fitness advice. 

Tune in to find out the best way to handle a friend/colleague/family member when they are wanting advice.

Ep 24: Empowering Vs Dis Empowering Beliefs

What are beliefs? They are what we wholeheartedly believe; what we know to be true about ourselves, our self image, our abilities, other people, and the world around us.

Why is it important that we pay attention to our beliefs? Well beliefs determine our reality. Whatever we believe, whether positive or negative, becomes real, because it affects our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, and how we respond to people and situations.

Tune into this this episode to learn how to change negative beliefs into empowering ones! That way you can be, do and have whatever you want. The only limit is your mind!

Ep 23: Are you trapped in your comfort zone?

I’m sure you have heard the term “comfort zone” before. You know, if you go outside of it that’s where all of the magic happens. But what if you don’t know you are stuck? What if you don’t want to go outside? 

In this episode I talk on the mindset around being trapped in your comfort zone. We are creatures of habit after all!

If you have dreams, and your fears and self-doubts prevent you from taking action towards them then this episode is for you!

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Ep 22: 5 areas of your life that are affecting your confidence

Today I talk about confidence busters! Most people have had confidence at one point or another in their life, then lost it! Events happen in our lives that we interpret in a way that reduces confidence.

In this episode I talk about 5 specific areas of your life where events may have occurred that have negatively affected your confidence.

Make sure you do the reflection exercise at the end.. trust me it will really help:)

Make sure you listen to Episode 7: How to Generate Self Confidence if you haven’t already!