I help women cultivate a more compassionate relationship with their inner self so they can become the best version of themselves and live the life they know is possible

Hi, I’m Kiara, the founder of Inside Out Health and Wellness. I am on a mission to help stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and discontented women to become the best version of themselves. To make positive changes internally, allowing them to create real and permanent results in the physical world.

Since graduating from a degree in Human Movement over 12 years ago I have helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals whilst working as a Personal Trainer. I am also an Educator in the Health and Fitness industry where I empower personal trainers with the skills and knowledge they need to become exceptional at what they do.

In my late twenties I had a mini career crisis. While I had a job that I liked I knew it wasn’t my calling. I quickly identified exercise alone was not enough to change someone’s health, and I knew there was more out there for me. I decided to take a chance and move over to the U.S and work on cruise ships as a Personal Trainer. It wasn’t long before I was transferred to a smaller luxury ship as a Wellness Guide where I specialised in teaching Pilates, Yoga and Meditation. My favourite part was hearing clients say, “it doesn’t work for me!” By the end of the 7-day cruise they would be leaving with a big smile saying “I can’t believe I haven’t tried this earlier!” I also saw clients for consultations where I specialised in Detoxification. This was where I discovered the missing link; exercise and nutrition were simply not enough for a healthy body. From here on in I began assisting clients to improve their health from the inside out.

Some people need more help than others with mindset. Sometimes it’s not as easy as reading a quote or affirmation and being able to make a change or simply relying on willpower. For me personally I struggled with sugar cravings years ago and nothing I tried was successful. I was working as a personal trainer and studied nutrition at university, so I knew exactly what I needed to eat however I still wasn’t doing it. We all know what we should be doing/eating, so why aren’t we simply doing what we know? It all comes down to our underlying beliefs, until we deal with them we will never be able to make a permanent change. I had heard about hypnotherapy and thought I would give it a go. What can I say, I loved it! The benefits I obtained helped with more than just sugar cravings.

Another struggle I had was learning to take time out for myself and just slow down. I felt guilty if I didn’t have a productive day and constantly felt the need to be busy. I also had trouble saying “no” to people as I was a “people pleaser”. This meant I was always “busy” doing things that often did not align with my health. I got into the habit of  stress eating and not exercising properly; I was always eating on the run or in a rush and not taking time to exercise (I was always helping other people do this). For me the underlying issue on relying on sugar to make me feel better, was stress related. This personal insight provided me the knowledge to determine how I needed to help clients with their health.

Now, every day I do something that I love. Whether it be walking, chatting to people, visiting my family, spending time with my partner, cuddling my beautiful dog Miley, laughing with my friends, reading a book by my favourite author Liane Moriarty or getting my heart rate up with a high intensity circuit. To balance this type of training, I regularly practice yoga and meditation. The energy I feel after fuelling my body with the ‘right’ foods is amazing!

I love the feeling of exercising and doing what feels right for my body. I often don’t stick to a strict exercise routine, rather I go along with how my body is feeling. For example I will do a yoga routine instead of a high intensity cardio workout if I am feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed. Or if I need an energy boost after sitting down all day, I will get outdoors for a run or get my heart rate up with a body weight circuit.

This is the main reason for me helping clients from the inside out; once you feel positive about yourself you will do exactly what’s right for your body and you won’t necessarily need to rely on being motivated by a personal trainer or need a diet plan. You will begin to understand what works for you!