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Great question! Although its a tough one to answer, there is no one better profession and no one better way to help you. Ultimately it's about finding the right person to help you. I offer free 30 min consultations to see if we are a good fit and most importantly you feel comfortable that I can help you. If you feel like you have anxiety, depression or PTSD that is severely affecting your life I would recommend you visit a GP to get a mental health plan. I work with clients who are not necessarily suffering on a daily basis with these issues, they are simply tired of being in their own way and letting their self confidence and body image get in the way of achieving what they want out of life.

I am not sure if I should see a Psychologist or a Mindset Coach? Can you tell me what the difference is?

You don't want to invest in something and be disappointed, again! I get it. Wouldn't it be incredible if I can say to you that I 100% guarantee results? Deep down you know that's not the problem though. You might even be worried about what's going to happen if this does work? What will your friends, family, partner, colleagues think if you change? We are designed to want to be part of the pack and not go out alone. This is a very common fear with many of my clients. We can talk about this during our initial 30 min consultation. So in terms of guaranteeing results, no I cannot wave my magic wand and "fix" you. Please understand there is currently nothing wrong with you, you are doing this because you want to! When you are doing something from a place of lack e.g you have to go on a diet because you have to lose weight then you will end up self sabotaging. I will be there on your journey to support you 100%, that is what I will guarantee. The results will be up to you. 

How do you guarantee I will see any results from working with you?

I have to admit this was something I struggled with when I first started coaching. Back when I was working as a Personal Trainer, I would write clients a 4-6 week program and simply follow it every week. I had the "plan" that I could share with you. I have come to realise that's not necessarily a good thing. You are not a robot, you are a human with human emotions. That means we need to adapt as we go. This program is 100% guided by you. I am not following what a text book tells me I should be doing. Each session I will start off with a few questions and this information will guide me as to what to focus on. I promise you will be so grateful I am not following a "plan" during our sessions. Our time together will be as unique as you are:)

Can you walk me through what exactly is involved in your 6 week program?

This is the main reason why I am so passionate about what I do. We all know exactly what we should be doing but we don't do it. There is always an underlying reason why. Here's where I come in! I help to peel back the onion layers of your emotions and figure out what is driving your behaviour. It's usually an identity issue e.g you don't see yourself as a happy/confident/healthy person or you have unresolved negative emotions like hurt, resentment, anger, guilt, sadness, abandonment etc. During the first few sessions I can identify what is holding you back then we can work on resolving these issues. Sometimes it's as easy as a reframe, or using one of my favourite NLP techniques called Parts Integration. Either way we will get to the bottom of why you have continued to self sabotage in the past and resolve it!

I am struggling to stick to healthy habits. I have an exercise program and a diet plan. I know exactly what I should be doing, however I still struggle to stick to these habits. 

Our sessions will be held via Zoom, pre global pandemic I can understand that you may have never heard of Zoom. But I am sure you have now realised how powerful online sessions are.
 Just find a quite space where you can be alone to focus on your thoughts. The extra benefit of being online is I can record our sessions and send them to you afterwards. This will be your homework each week! Have you ever heard the way you talk to yourself? You will be amazed at how powerful this is. You will also have access to me via a messaging app so we can chat via voicemail or text for anything that comes up for you. 

I am worried about doing these sessions online, is it better to see you face to face?

Have you ever driven somewhere and then forgot how you got there? Or found yourself immersed in the world of a movie or book? If so then you have experienced a trance state!
Do you wake up most mornings telling yourself how tired and exhausted you are? Then you have experienced self hypnosis!
The only difference between hypnosis and these everyday trace states is that, I induce the trance state to achieve something: healing, discovery, to change a habit or stress relief.
Think of hypnosis as a deep state of relaxation where your mind and body can create a deep connection. With our lives being so busy and distracted most of us have lost the ability to truly connect with ourselves and find answers within.
“Hypnosis is a state of intensified attention and receptiveness to an idea or to a set of ideas”

I have never tried Hypnotherapy before and I have no idea what to expect?

Common questions women like you often ask...

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