A podcast where you join me (Kiara!) as I share advice and tips on how to remove the negativity that is holding you back so you can build a more loving relationship with yourself and your body 

The Become your own Best Friend Podcast

This is a podcast where I will share knowledge from my Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy training and 12 years of experience working with clients one on one in the health and fitness industry.

Learning to Become your own Best Friend

Some inspiration and motivation

Getting your self confidence back on track

identifying where you have been holding yourself back

tips on letting go of unwanted negative emotions

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Perfect for binge listening on a nice long walk

6 steps to follow when your self-confidence is low


Healthy Vs Unhealthy boundaries


Worrying about the unknown - a 2-part episode


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- Ci-Hui

I was listening to both "becoming your own best friend" and "defusing negative thoughts" and I will certainly try out the practice of 'noticing my thoughts!' I have been living with the 'thought' or guilt that I am not good enough daughter because I have left behind my parents in Singapore. But it is a thought, it is not me, and it doesn't define me.

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and tips for a wholesome, wholehearted life!"

- Bee Riley

The content of these episodes is so relatable, sometimes I think they have actually been written about me! They are interesting, informative and easy to listen to and digest. Kiara gives simple tricks and tips to take away and think about making them easy to implement in your own life. 

"Highly recommend for anyone, I promise you won't regret taking the time to listen.  "

- sandy johnson

Information content we can all relate to at different times in our life. I suffered a heart attack a few months ago, the outcome of all tests basically boiled down to stress. What an awakening it was however, to listen to Kiara's podcasts, it's the real medicine I needed to get me through this time. I'm sure she is speaking about me in many scenarios, but like me, we all put ourselves through stress we could avoid!

"Listen and implement a few of Kiara's strategies and you too will find life easier on yourself. "

- kerry nurse

Incredibly helpful with enjoying a much more relaxed and productive life. Kiara is gifted with how she uses her training and I highly recommend all of her podcast episodes.

"Very helpful for self esteem and eliminating over eating and over drinking coffee"


Thank you so much Kiara, it really touched home and it will help me a lot going forward! I think I needed an inspiration and it made me realise I can make small changes that will benefit me and the way I'm thinking. A fantastic podcast!

"A fantastic podcast!"

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tell me more, Kiara!

I am on a mission to help empower women to release stress, transform negative self-talk, and build a more positive relationship with themselves, so that they can build a life that feels good to them!

Many women who struggle with feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions sadly don’t realise how different life can be; you CAN achieve internal love and live a life of ease - and I can help you! Allow me to be your guide on this beautiful journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Hi, I'm Kiara.

I'm a certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Health Coach, and I specialise in guiding women to break free from the negative self talk that is holding them back from what they are wanting to achieve

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