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Self Confidence

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I would be more confident if: I had a better job I had a more toned body More attractive Have you heard yourself say any of these? Firstly confidence doesn’t come from being attractive. People love to be around confident people.  Secondly, you don’t just wake up one day and boom you are confident. The […]

How to Generate Self Confidence

ok, I'm intrigued. tell me more!

I’m a certified NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach. I help self-conscious women to lose weight, love their bodies and live the life they know they deserve.

Have you ever had someone give you a compliment and the first thought that comes into your mind is doubt? Or read an affirmation that says something like, ”I am enough!” and not truly believed it.

Firstly, we need to remove any underlying negative emotions that have been holding you back; does “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy of love” sound familiar?

Many women who struggle with loving themselves sadly don’t realise how different life can be; you CAN achieve internal love and live a life of ease - and I can help you!

I am on a mission to inspire women to become the best version of themselves. To be the best version you need to truly love the person you are on the inside, this often enacts change on the outside - win win! 

Hi, I'm Kiara. 

Ok, I'm in!

For women who are ready to embrace self-confidence, let go of guilt and consciously make changes that allow them to live the healthy & happy life that they know is possible.

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