Ep 15: 3 ways to train your brain to help you stick to habits

Do you often feel motivated whenever you want to make a change in your life? How often does that motivation last?

In today’s episode, I talk about your brain being wired for survival! Its job is to keep you comfortable. Making any change in your life is exhausting and uncomfortable for your brain, which is why you often talk yourself out of doing things.

Your brain is also wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain! That’s why people make a change when they hit rock bottom! I will give you some strategies so you don’t have to go through rock bottom in order to change. 

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Ep 14: How to follow through with goals and New Years Resolutions

Whenever you set a goal do you think your life will dramatically change if you achieve it? Are you good enough if you don’t achieve your goal?

In today’s episode, I talk about the number 1 mindset shift you must have before you set any goals or resolutions. I also talk about why relying on motivation and willpower to achieve a goal will always end up in disappointment.

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Ep 13: Is your identity holding you back?

In Today’s episode, I talk about who you see yourself as and how this affects what you get in life.

Have you ever tried to go on a diet and it went really well for a few weeks and then something kept pulling you back? When you were trying to make positive lifestyle changes, what kind of person did you believe you were in relation to this?

Listen to this episode where I share how your beliefs are not only stopping you from achieving your goals but also stopping you from being satisfied if you do achieve them.

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I hope you enjoy this episode.

Ep 12: Is money making you unhappy?

In today’s episode I talk about money mindset and what that actually means. Do you catch yourself saying “I can’t afford that” or “I wish I had more money” or “I would be happy if I was paid more” or “That’s so expensive.” If you say any of those statements on a regular basis then they have become limiting beliefs and are now your reality. Listen to this episode to learn how to become self aware of your money mindset and what to do about it.

Ep 11: 11 tips to declutter your life

Today I talk about 11 ways to declutter your life. Our brains are constantly overloaded, so I have come up with 11 tips to remove unnecessary brain processing. 

Does your personal email have over 100 emails unopened? Do you have over 1000 photos/videos in your photo gallery? Have you got make up in your bathroom cupboard that’s over 12 months old? Have you been constantly thinking about doing something but continue to put it off?

If you answered yes to any of the following then you will LOVE this episode:) 

Ep 10: Lessons learnt from not following through with plans

Why do we have the best intentions and then not follow through with our plans? 

This week I talk about 3 lessons I learnt from not following through with my plan. It may seem like only a small thing to not follow through with a plan, however its our mindset around why we didn’t follow through that can become the problem. It starts off small and then the more we don’t follow through with our plans the bigger it becomes.

In this episode I talk about self sabotage, the mental drama around time and our self trust.

Ep 9: Getting off the Happiness Treadmill

In today’s episode I talk about a happiness set point concept called the Hedonic Treadmill. This mental model describes the way humans seem to have a happiness set point. You know the saying “I’ll be happy when…”

In this episode I will give you some practical ways to get off this treadmill. The benefit of getting off the treadmill is less about maintaining a higher happiness set point and more about not letting any one incident put a dent in your emotional armour.

Ep 8: Social Media Diet

Are you holding onto your Facebook friends like clothes in the closet you know you will never wear again?

They are taking space in your life both physically and mentally. With social media, most of us don’t know that it becomes such a habit that we are unconsciously aware of how much we are clicking.

In this episode I will talk to you about how to start making your social media habits a more conscious habit rather than just randomly scrolling when you are bored.

So what’s involved in a social media diet. Listen to this episode to find out! Life is far too important to spend it worrying about what’s happening inside the virtual snow globe that is a free app on your phone.

Ep 7: How to Generate Self-Confidence

Self-confidence – where do you get it from? How do I become more confident?

I would be more confident if I had a better body/job or more I was more attractive! Ever heard yourself say any of these before?

If so you must listen to this episode! I talk about two ways you can generate confidence.

Confidence doesn’t come from being more attractive or having a better job. You don’t just wake up one day and boom you are confident!

The good news is that confidence is a skill you can learn. It is not based on experience or even talent. It is based on your thoughts. Today I’ll go over some interesting facts about feelings and more importantly, confidence.

It’s time to gain control and have that confidence when you need it!

Ep 6: How to See People for Who They Really Are

In today’s episode, I talk about what it’s like from the other person’s point of view. You know the times when you were really frustrated at someone because you didn’t see eye to eye? Listen to this episode to learn some techniques you can use to help you become less frustrated when you disagree with someone. Two NLP concepts that I talk about are:

  1. We all see the world differently.
  2. Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available. No one is a bad person, they’re behaviour might be bad, however they are not bad themselves. Behaviour is geared towards adaptation and present behaviours is the best choice available.